I’ve got WordPress up now, might as well use some features no?

As you may know… maybe you don’t… I live in Florida in the USA. This time of year is the Hurricane season. Currently we have the storm named Hanna playing out there, not sure what it wants to do, but it looks like it wants to plow through where I live. Then we have Ike right behind her. He’ll be in range within a week of Hanna. And the week after or sooner, Josephine is coming to the Caribbean area. National Hurricane Center

So all I can do is sit here and bounce my legs since there isn’t much we can do. Hanna keeps changing her course so we can’t even plan accordingly. That and work will probably keep us here until 3 hours before the storm hits. LOL.

So if for any reason, you don’t hear from me, or no comic makes it up on the 2 year anniversary, which will sadden me… you’ll have a good idea why. I’ll narrow it down to I live on the Treasure Coast, which spans through 5 counties on the east coast. You know the lake in the middle of Florida? Okeechobee? That’s a good marker to say where we are.